Why progressives should support WikiLeaks. Opinion in OpenDemocracy.


I publish this piece today in Open Democracy : Why progressives should support Wikileaks and why it is a fundamental political error to casually associate Wikileaks with neoconservatism or reactionary populism.

WikiLeaks is an institution based on generalizable principles. And I argue it is precisely these principles that we need in politics today. It would be a major strategic error for progressives to distance themselves from Wikileaks.

The Wikileaks principles are the very same as those needed today to create a new political culture: principles of transparency, anti-authoritarianism, internationalism, non-submission, and unconditionality.

At a moment in history when the CIA has explicit plans to terminate Wikileaks, both Julian Assange and Wikileaks deserve support from progressives. If progressives want to defeat populism, they should stand with WikiLeaks.

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